Gilead Employee Resource Groups

Helping Gilead Foster Employee Connection and Belonging

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At Gilead, diversity and inclusion are woven into the company culture through its network of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

These ERGs provide a space for individuals to connect, share experiences, and celebrate their unique identities. Recognizing the crucial role ERGs play in employee wellbeing, Gilead tasked Boombox with developing innovative programs for each group.

Pre-pandemic, Boombox created immersive in-person experiences that brought ERG members together, like attending major AIDS Walks and Pride celebrations. As the world shifted to virtual interactions, Boombox doubled down on digital engagement initiatives, ensuring ERGs remained vibrant and connected.

Employee Resource Groups

For GLOBE, the Gilead Leadership Organization of Black Employees, Boombox facilitated virtual book clubs, where discussions on critical issues like Black Lives Matter and healthcare were discussed with candor and clarity. We also designed and launched an online platform where members proudly donned GLOBE gear to celebrate the strength of their work community.

The Women at Gilead group found their voices amplified even in the hush of remote work. Boombox sent end-of-year appreciation gifts that were carefully chosen to reflect the power of each member’s contributions to the group.

With Pride Alliance, Boombox organized virtual watch parties for various online Pride events, culminating in a global celebration of World Pride. We also curated a “Pride Gear” box which we delivered directly to members’ homes.

For GAIN, the Gilead Asian Interest Network, Boombox helped members celebrate the Lunar New Year by sourcing exquisite sweets crafted by renowned Japanese pastry chef Tomoko Kato.

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