Daily Harvest

Healthy Meals Delivered In Show-Stopping Fashion


Daily Harvest is now a nationally recognized and beloved ’s line of ready-to-eat, nutritious products. Boombox likes to think it had something to do with that, because when the brand was a small, relatively unknown entity in the direct-to-home meal world, they needed to be both seen and tasted to be believed. So, they turned to Boombox to help make a splash in their home market of NYC.

To do that, we produced and deployed the Daily Harvest food truck to both sample to and educate consumers about its convenience and nutritional value, while also creating some wonderful PR and Instagrammable moments.

Boombox handled everything from truck design and fabrication, to permitting and staffing.

As a follow-up to the truck, Boombox activated a program at West Elm retail locations in LA and Atlanta, sampling to and educating are more targeted cross-section of Daily Harvest’s consumer base.

Samples Distributed
Food Truck Days
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