Research & Insights

Harnessing the power of human insights to strengthen brand strategies.

Making marketing decisions without authentic insights is like driving with your eyes closed. Research and human insights help to align your campaigns with your audience’s attitudes, behaviors, needs, and more. When you better understand the people you’re trying to reach, you can more effectively demonstrate how your products or services are exactly what they need.

How We Can Help

Boombox facilitates custom research engagements to answer your brand’s biggest questions. Whether through surveys, interviews, or more advanced research techniques, we’ll find your most direct path to success. We’re method-agnostic and work across a range of research and analytical approaches that we adapt to your main challenges.

Market Segmentation & Personas

Identifying your target market is critical for your campaign’s success. Segmentations and persona development give you invaluable perspective on who to target, what motivates them, and how best to reach them. With focus and clarity, you can make sure you’re reaching your audience with products and messages that resonate.

Brand Management & Shopper Marketing

Do you know how people see your brand in comparison to your competitors? Brand management and shopper marketing research help you track your brand’s performance now and over time. They can also ensure your brand has strong, differentiated positioning in the market and among your target audiences.

Quantitative and Qualitative Insights & Strategy

Every question has an answer, and every challenge has a solution. Research can help you find both. Quantitative methods like surveys and in-home use tests can confirm, validate, and measure more fact-based questions, while qualitative methods like interviews and focus groups can explore people’s attitudes and feelings to provide context.


Surveys are an effective tool for quantifying and predicting people’s opinions, experiences, behaviors, and more. We conduct surveys that are entirely custom-built, from the questions we ask to the people who answer them. Plus, our in-house programmers, data processors, and statisticians allow us to be nimble and self-reliant in targeting and analyzing the data from consumer and B2B audiences domestically and abroad.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a window into people’s attitudes, opinions, and beliefs. We design and moderate group discussions to get feedback on concepts, products, services, campaigns, and other assets and ideas. Our in-house moderators effectively manage interpersonal group dynamics and build trust so participants can share their true thoughts.

Discovery Sessions®

We bring our research to life in a format that’s more dynamic and compelling than a simple presentation. Rather than passively listening, our proprietary, interactive Discovery Sessions® give you the ability to own the truth as if you discovered it yourself. After a series of activities designed around various learning styles, you’ll end the day with a sense of ownership over your newfound insights and a plan for acting on them.