Going for Olympic Campaign Gold with Visa

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Visa tapped Boombox to help them launch their “Road to Rio 2016” campaign to elevate their brand through the lens of their Olympic partnership.

Our first step was designing and producing a media event that officially kicked off Visa’s Olympic journey. This immersive experience brought employees, media, and fans face-to-face with the excitement and energy of the Olympics.

We also knew the true stories of the Team Visa athletes held immense power and strategically leveraged their journeys and achievements to generate a wave of positive press that propelled Visa’s message even further.

Finally, to truly capture the spirit of the Games, we designed and produced creative that completely transformed Visa’s One Market offices for their athlete summit.

The Visa “Road to Rio 2016” campaign was a resounding success. By creating these touchpoints, we helped Visa elevate its brand, generate positive media attention, and solidify its reputation as a champion of the Olympic movement – with all key audiences, from financial institutions to consumers and, of course, the incredible athletes themselves.

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