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Bridging the Digital Divide with Optimized UX for an Online Intervention

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The Connecting Latinos En Pareja (CLP) initiative from the University of Central Florida challenged us with a digital revamp for their offline sexual health intervention program designed for gay, Hispanic couples. The twist? It had to be entirely self-guided, with no facilitators in sight.

The UCF team entrusted Boombox with transforming over 70 pages of dense PDF materials into an engaging online intervention. We knew this wasn’t just about converting text to webpages; it was about creating a safe, informative space for couples to navigate important topics.

Our first step was a content audit. We meticulously mapped out the intervention’s journey, dividing it into three clear online sessions. Next came a wireframe blueprint for every screen a user would encounter on their mobile device. This meticulous approach ensured the UCF team could see exactly what users would see, allowing for edits and refinements every step of the way.

Pages of Synthesized Material
Streamlined Digital Intervention

Boombox also tackled the complexities of allowing couples to choose whether they would participate on one device or two, and because inclusivity was paramount, we designed three distinct avatar options, each reflecting Hispanic culture or sexuality-related themes.

In addition to delivering information, CLP wanted to gather valuable data, so we built a robust backend system that tracks all user input and empowers researchers to analyze trends and reach out to participants with follow-up questions.

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