Gilead Sciences

Education & Interactivity at IAS In Melbourne

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Boombox partnered with Gilead Sciences for their exhibit at the 2023 IAS Conference in Melbourne, Australia, a prestigious event that brought together leading HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates. As a champion for global partnerships in the fight against HIV, Gilead aimed to make a powerful statement and to reaffirm their stance as an industry leader in innovation and research.​

Boombox custom-designed a booth that wasn’t just visually striking, but also served as a testament to Gilead’s collaborative spirit. A halo LED sign drew in attendees in and promoted the engaging programming offered within the booth. ​

Dedicated presentation and workshop areas facilitated knowledge sharing and fostered meaningful discussions, and a welcoming coffee bar provided a casual space for attendees to connect and recharge. Meanwhile, for those seeking a quiet moment to focus, soundproof work pods offered a haven for private meetings or focused work.​

By creating a welcoming and functional space, Boombox helped to exemplify the power of strategic design in fostering connections and driving progress.

We showed how the power of strategic design can foster connections and drive progress.​

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