George Washington Cancer Center & Gilead Sciences

Championing Early Cancer Detection through Qualitative Research

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Early detection saves lives, and that’s why Boombox was honored to partner with George Washington University Cancer Center and Gilead Sciences on a vital campaign. Our goal was to raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screenings among underserved communities.

African Americans, African immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, and Hispanic/Latina communities often face unique barriers to healthcare access. Recognizing this, GW and Gilead Sciences knew a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work. That’s where Boombox came in.

We started by conducting in-depth focus groups with each target audience to discover the kinds of messages that would resonate most deeply with each priority population. We presented sample headlines, visuals, advertisements, and voiceovers that prioritized cultural sensitivity. We carefully recorded their reactions and suggestions, allowing us to refine our messaging to the specific needs, screening practices, and preferred communication styles of each group.

of Focus Group Stimuli
Research Sessions with Priority Populations

The result was a series of targeted ads that spoke directly to the hearts and minds of each community. We developed static banner and button ads alongside a compelling video, all designed to spread awareness and encourage people to schedule mammograms with their primary care providers.

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