Designing Clean and Cohesive Visuals for ViaClean


ViaClean Technologies, an antimicrobial solutions company, turned to Boombox to design a visual identity system to promote its BIOPROTECT technology. BIOPROTECT is an EPA-registered anti-virus cleaning technology that creates a durable, long term antimicrobial coating that kills bacterial microorganisms on contact. ViaClean wanted to amplify this technology with a unique retail presence and cohesive visual branding.

Boombox rose to the challenge by designing both packaging and retail displays for an array of SKU’s, in-store settings, and partnerships.With full creative freedom for the design approach, we developed a color palette and iconography that conveyed key benefits. We also wrote copy that incorporated claims and results, as well as sourced and infused appropriate photography. The design was iterated for both consumer and commercial audiences.

We created one visual brand identity and translated it across multiple formats

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