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Helping NYU Promote Health with a Student-Centric Website

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Boombox partnered with Livewell NYU to create a website by and for students that promoted a holistic approach to healthy living at NYU.
In addition to serving as a health information hub, the website needed to foster an online community and to empower students with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

We understood the importance of accessibility and took a mobile-first approach to ensure we reached our target audience, who rely on their phones to find and access information. We also incorporated dynamic social feeds, ensuring students always had access to the latest updates and events. Our “Related Content” feature made it easy to find different types of content with overlapping themes and topics.

To encourage user-generated content, Boombox designed as a full-page “Tips” feed that allowed students to quickly scan through information, as well as submit their own tips and events. The resulting Livewell website was a user-friendly, engaging platform where students could explore topics like healthy eating, mental wellness, safe sex, and stress management, all with a focus on NYU-specific resources and a relatable, authentic voice.

We created a website that promoted student wellness.

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