Making a Splash with a Swiss Oasis in NYC

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Summers in the Big Apple can be scorching hot, but Boombox had a plan to bring a taste of Swiss coolness to the heart of New York City. Our mission was to create one-of-a-kind sensory experience for urban dwellers yearning for a summer escape, all while positioning SWISS as the airline to whisk them away to the refreshing landscapes of Switzerland.

That’s exactly what we did when we created a stunning ten-foot digital oasis in the middle of Union Square. A screen backdrop depicted a cascading Swiss waterfall, while cooling mist, real flowers, and lush greenery captivated the senses and immersed visitors.

The back of the installation also featured a shareable “postcard” photo experience, and we offered a chance to win two tickets to Switzerland. The #SwissWaterfallNYC hashtag took off with users sharing their photos and experiences, helping us to further reach and engage our target audience of affluent New York travelers.

The SWISS waterfall activation not only captured the essence of a Swiss summer, but established SWISS as the gateway to a dream vacation, drove brand awareness, and ignited wanderlust in the hearts of adventurers.

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