Tulane PrEP

Making PrEP Easier with Tulane & nolaHYPE

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To help Tulane School of Medicine raise awareness of preventative HIV medications through its youth-focused sub-organization, nolaHYPE, Boombox crafted a PrEP campaign that was equal parts educational and call-to-action.

We distributed a mix of social, display, and video ads to our customized target audience that yielded valuable insights. While the campaign generated a significant reach (over 730,000 impressions), user engagement with the program’s landing page was low. This prompted a quick course correction. Instead of driving traffic to the Louisiana Health Hub, we created a custom landing page on the nolaHYPE website to better resonate with young adults.

Not only did we strengthen the page’s thematic cohesion and informational value, but we also made it more visually appealing and youth oriented with bright colors and imagery of diverse young people. We also reduced the number of buttons on the page to ensure our main call-to-action was prominent and direct. These adjustments proved successful, and user activity on the revamped landing page nearly doubled compared to the original, more clinical version.

By actively involving the target audience in the development process and closely monitoring campaign data, Boombox was able to effectively reach young adults in Louisiana and promote a crucial preventative program.

Impressions Generated Over 68 Days
Increase In Mid-campaign Optimization User Activity

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