Tom of Finland Vodka

Unbottling Boldness on Social Media with Tom of Finland Vodka

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Boombox helped Tom of Finland Vodka celebrate individuality, push boundaries, and propel product sales by reigniting their social media presence.

TOFV isn’t just a premium vodka; it’s a symbol of fearless queer expression. That ethos fueled our social media strategy and inspired us to evoke the brand’s bold spirit through striking visuals. We meticulously planned and directed photoshoots featuring models and influencers who embody the Tom of Finland aesthetic.

We also fostered a thriving online community through strategic community management. This meant actively engaging with followers, responding to comments, and cultivating a space that felt welcoming and inclusive.

To further expand TOFV’s reach, we planned strategic contests and programs that drew in new audiences, all while aligning with brands that championed the same values as TOFV.

We drove sales and audience growth through evocative social media campaigns.

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