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Amplifying Global HIV Conversations with Gilead

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To both promote Gilead Sciences’ leadership in the field of HIV research and advocacy, as well as to shed light on global HIV health inequities, Boombox developed and produced ZERO HOUR™, a bi-weekly audio and video podcast.

Each 30–40-minute episode of ZERO HOUR™ features a balance of scientific innovation, policy, and academia with real-world, lived experiences. While fact-based and data-driven, the podcast is made accessible for general audiences by communicating a mixture of basic and high-level information. Gilead’s two expert hosts are joined by guests representing unheard and underserved populations, helping to give voice to the most HIV-affected communities across the globe.

Guests from over 16 Countries
Shoots in 3 Cities

After creating season outlines of subject matter, Boombox engaged guests who could share relevant insight, firsthand experiences, and calls-to-action for audiences to become HIV and health equity advocates. Live episodes are filmed in front of audiences at leading HIV conferences through-out the year and are released on all major audio streaming platforms, in addition to YouTube.

With ZERO HOUR™, we created a thought leadership platform for Gilead, activists, scientists, health care providers, and people living with HIV that attracts and educates a broad audience while making a positive impact for those affected by global health inequities.

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