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Halloween New Orleans

Branding and Designing an LGBTQ+ Fundraiser for Halloween New Orleans

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Halloween New Orleans (HNO) is one of the longest-running, all-volunteer LGBTQ+ fundraisers in the United States. To support our local LGBTQ+ community and Project Lazarus, Boombox has donated marketing services for more than 10 years.

When we began working with HNO, their original branding was inconsistent, making it hard for audiences to recognize that all their events and messaging were affiliated with one organization. In addition, their social media presence was greatly lacking, resulting in decreased audience reach and the possibility of missed connections with donors.

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We helped raise over 1M for Project Lazarus since our involvement.

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The best way to solve these problems was to create a recognizable, consistent brand. Since the theme of HNO’s event series changes annually, we developed a specific brand tone to establish credibility for the organization. This allowed for thematic customization every year while maintaining the overall HNO identity. We also helped HNO remain top-of-mind by developing and implementing social media campaigns throughout the year. This has not only helped establish connections with previous donors, but has also given HNO a new opportunity to attract new donors and supporters.

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