Brand Pride

Crafting an Inclusive Visual Identity with Brand Pride


Brand Pride, a queer- and woman-owned company that specializes in creating LGBTQ+ merchandise for brands, came to Boombox to elevate and streamline their own branding.

Our creative team stepped in to design Pride-focused items like t-shirts, fans, wristbands and headbands, lapel pins and boxes, and much more. These assets allowed Brand Pride to empower its own clients with authentic merchandising so they could meaningfully connect with LGBTQ+ audiences.

Boombox also created brand assets such as catalogs, one sheeters, and capability statements to assist Brand Pride with business development and client outreach. A brand video combatting corporate “rainbow washing” trends also motivated consumers to spend intentionally with companies that genuinely represented and supported LGBTQ+ people—such as Brand Pride itself.

We created brand assets that captured every color of the rainbow.

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