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Channeling Entertainment for Smithsonian Channel’s B2B Campaigns

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When a major media company approached us to work with them on building out B2B digital marketing campaigns for Smithsonian, we knew we could help based on our extensive experience working with the entertainment industry. We worked closely with Smithsonian’s internal media team to reimagine their consumer marketing efforts as digital B2B campaigns. These campaigns included new programs, documentaries, limited series and more, targeting businesses such as hotels and distributor partners with the goal of having them offer Smithsonian network to their own customers.

We built interstitial ads, e-blasts, and HTML5 animated banners. Each banner included custom video intros using industry best practices for serving ads through Google Studio platforms. Below are some of our favorites.

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We reimagined Smithsonian’s consumer marketing as digital B2B campaigns.

‘America In Color’ Series Premiere
Desktop version: intro animation is a custom video that blends seamlessly into the endplate.

‘The Lost Tapes: LA Riots’ Series Premiere
Desktop version: Video intro incorporates historic photography with wordplay and animates seamlessly into the endplate.

4K Ultra HD on Demand
Desktop version: Intro animation features the client’s photography evolving from low- to high-resolution.

‘The Weapon Hunter’ Season Premiere
Desktop version: Intro animation features and interacts with the client’s promotional video.

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