Designing a Hype-Worthy Logo for nolaHYPE


nolaHYPE, a Tulane Health initiative dedicated to improving sexual health outcomes for New Orleans youth, partnered with Boombox to refresh their logo and strengthen its connection with the target audience.

We consulted the client’s youth advisory group to gain valuable insights on key terminology associated with nolaHYPE’s mission, areas for improvement in the existing logo, and the desired emotional response the new logo should evoke.

Leveraging this comprehensive feedback, Boombox designed a logo that embodies youthful vibrancy and fosters a sense of inclusivity, specifically addressing the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, which can face challenges in accessing quality sexual healthcare. The design incorporates two hands forming the “Y” in “Hype,” subtly referencing voguing and the artistic expression of ballroom culture. The color palette also utilizes a gradient of blues, pinks, and purples, echoing the colors of the transgender flag.

One powerful logo that’s inclusive for all.

When compared to the previous branding, the new nolaHYPE logo’s simplicity and cultural relevancy better represent the organization’s core principles and resonate more meaningfully with New Orleans area youth.

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