LA Sparks

Igniting Empowerment with the Los Angeles Sparks

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The Los Angeles Sparks were ready to spark a fire. Fresh off their acquisition by Magic Johnson Enterprises, the WNBA franchise craved a fresh start—a way to reignite fan interest and propel them into a new era. Enter Boombox with a campaign that did just that: IGNITE.

This wasn’t just a marketing slogan; it was a rallying cry. IGNITE empowered the team, the ownership, the fans, and women in general by celebrating female athletes and showcasing their undeniable talent.

Instead of the usual on-court action shots, Boombox envisioned the Sparks players in a whole new light – literally. We placed the athletes on vibrant, artistic backdrops, transforming them into something larger than life: masters of their craft.

But IGNITE wasn’t just about visuals. Boombox meticulously crafted a multi-faceted campaign. The 2015 season collateral, from season ticket brochures to digital ads, pulsed with the energy of the IGNITE theme. Social media became a platform for engaging fans, while a grassroots strategy targeted specific communities. A pre-roll campaign ensured fans wouldn’t miss the electrifying energy of the Sparks, even before stepping into the arena.

We created a slam dunk campaign that drove sales and ignited a whole new generation of fans.

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