Designing a Logo of Mythological Proportions for Manticore


Manticore Products began as a vision by an avid outdoorsman and soap connoisseur in the bayou town of Thibodaux, Louisiana. When they launched their line of body and grooming products for men, Manticore tasked Boombox with crafting a logo that captured both the ethos of the brand and the mythos of its namesake.

We began by exploring the thematic elements of the brand itself. The manticore is a legendary mythological beast with the head of a human, the body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion. This powerful creature embodies the masculine spirit that Manticore Products imbues into their products, with scents inspired by the rugged lifestyle of the outdoorsman.

We then translated those elements into a striking logo. The main logo mark is the head of a manticore itself, depicting the face of a man with a flowing—and meticulously groomed—beard and mane. We used a bold font with dramatic accents, and the flourish of the “R” in Manticore becomes a barbed scorpion’s tail to mirror the beast’s form.

We designed a logo that captures both the ethos of the brand and the mythos of its namesake

Additionally, we chose a primary color palette of rich earth tones to evoke the product line’s all-natural ingredients: the deep green of the cypress trees and moss, the black of stone and pine tar, and the soft browns of earth and sandalwood.

The custom logo can also be adapted for various applications, as the manticore symbol and the wordmark can be used together or independently.

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