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Elevating Gilead’s Impact at the Nation’s Premier HIV Research Conference

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Since 2018, Boombox has served as Gilead Sciences’ experiential and diversity agency of record (AOR) for the US Conference on HIV/AIDS (USCHA), the premier event for HIV/AIDS research, prevention, and advocacy.

Beyond securing title sponsorship, Boombox produces and manages annual plenary luncheons, 1.5-hour spectacles that weave together live elements like theater, music, and dance with keynote speeches.

In 2023, under the theme “Champions of Change,” Boombox created a moving tribute to 10 Black women leaders who have made significant contributions to HIV/AIDS research and advocacy. This photo installation served as a space for attendees to learn, be inspired, and celebrate the vital role Black women play in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Boombox further amplifies diverse voices and fosters open dialogue through our work on Gilead’s “Zero Hour,” a podcast centering global perspectives on HIV. In 2023, we brought a live taping of two episodes directly to USCHA, allowing attendees to witness and engage with our guests’ powerful storytelling.

From designing engaging tradeshow booths (2018) to developing interactive engagement pieces like the photo mosaic (2022) and the digital affirmation mural (2023), Boombox ensures that Gilead has a cohesive and impactful presence throughout the conference. Additionally, we handle all necessary signage, digital communications, and logistical considerations.

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