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Enhancing GW Cancer Center TAP’s User Experience

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The George Washington University Cancer Center’s (GWCC) Technical Assistance Program (TAP) faced a challenge: their social media toolkits, designed to empower partner organizations with cancer awareness messaging, were hindered by a clunky and cumbersome user experience (UX). Boombox stepped in to streamline the toolkit experience, making it easier for cancer control programs and coalitions to leverage these critical resources.

Boombox worked closely with TAP to prioritize content order, ensuring the most impactful messages were readily accessible. But the real transformation came with a UX overhaul, which had to be done within the confines of the existing web system.

Boombox reimagined the toolkit as a downloadable package, complete with pre-sized graphics, messaging tailored to specific campaigns, and additional files for seamless import into popular social media management platforms like Sprout Social. This eliminated the need for manual content creation, saving valuable time for busy cancer control professionals.

Optimized Social Media Awareness Campaigns

Recognizing the importance of trust in healthcare messaging, Boombox incorporated a collapsible reference area within the toolkit. This fostered credibility and user confidence by allowing users to easily access and verify the data behind each awareness campaign. Additionally, we implemented metrics and tracking dashboards using Google Analytics, providing GWCC TAP with valuable insights into user interaction and campaign performance—insights that could then be shared with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

By prioritizing user needs and implementing innovative solutions, the new toolkit UX empowers cancer control professionals to focus on what matters most: sharing vital cancer awareness messages within their communities.

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