Puncher’s Chance

Launching a Heavyweight Brand for Puncher’s Chance

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Puncher’s Chance challenged Boombox with launching their brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon. We channeled their rugged and traditional Americana brand ethos into a 3-tier strategy consisting of social media, on-site activations, and sponsorship of the Professional Fighter’s League.

The resulting national campaign, “Take Your Shot,” positioned Puncher’s Chance as the embodiment of the hustler, the fighter, and the underdog spirit. Our social strategy included a collaboration with PFL fighter Anthony Pettis—as well as other influencers in aligned verticals such as music, art, and entrepreneurship—to organically grow a community of fans while engaging with the whiskey community. We created content using brand photography that told stories of resiliency and tenacity using real life actors, models, musicians, and artists.​

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Spot for ESPN

Our activation strategy brought the Puncher’s Chance brand to life in key markets with engaging and sharable photo experiences.​ Meanwhile, our advertising strategy  drove brand awareness during launch with a broadcast spot that aired on ESPN channels.​ Boombox produced, wrote, and directed the commercial to mirror the ethos of the brand’s online presence.​

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