Making a Maverick Difference for a Talent Recruitment Brand

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When we partnered with Maverick, a talent and recruitment firm specializing in professional placements for law firms, we quickly identified brand consistency, brand awareness, website functionality, and social presence as the client’s main challenges. Therefore, we developed a marketing strategy that included a brand audit, an overhaul of, and a robust social strategy to be primarily executed via LinkedIn, where legal industry professionals are most active.

Our branding phase included a redesigned logo and curation of a brand playbook that clearly defines brand voice, colors and styles, and imagery. We then translated these elements across online and print materials, such as business cards, job postings, a one-sheet flyer, and other collateral. Phase one of the website redesign yielded updated copy, imagery, and UX functionality. Before, the average user might have been able to visit the Maverick website and understand who the organization serves, but it would have been difficult to glean exactly what their services are and how those services differ from those of competitors. Users are now introduced to the Maverick Difference right away, allowing us to emphasize the client’s human-centric, network-driven approach to recruiting. A revitalized blog section creates a home for relevant news and press releases, as well as blogs and insights that demonstrate the Maverick team’s thought leadership in the legal industry, recruitment, and retention.

Increase in Website Views
Increase in New Website Users
Increase in LinkedIn Followers

We implemented a LinkedIn social strategy with a post cadence of 10x per month, ensuring that Maverick is seen and thought about on a regular basis. Posts blend industry insights, job opportunities, tips for job-seeking talent, strategies for business leaders, and more. Where possible, our social posts link back to blogs on the Maverick website to drive engagement and increase email form fills.

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