Bounce To Zero

Promoting Bounce to Zero’s HIV Resources in New Orleans

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We partnered with Bounce to Zero, an initiative of The Office of Health Policy and AIDS Funding, to create regional advertising materials that educate New Orleans communities about HIV resources in the city and surrounding areas. The primary campaign goal is to share information about HIV while encouraging testing, diagnosis, and consistent treatment.

To appeal to a younger audience, Bounce to Zero engaged New Orleans bounce music star Big Freedia to serve as the figurehead of the central campaign. We also created and designed several sub-campaigns to focus on specific areas of HIV prevention, such as testing, PEP emergency medications, PrEP preventative medications, and more. Our campaign includes: a website; e-blasts; display ads; digital media for social media posts and profile branding; billboards; posters; printed material for bus shelters, interiors, and exteriors; screens for live event videos; a fabric photo backdrop; retractable banners; stickers; and other event branding materials.

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“Let’s Get T’werk” and all sub-campaigns are designed with a blend of rich and bright colors with friendly, energetic copy in a handwritten font. Text promotes the concepts of testing, prevention, and treatment as critical next steps for ending the epidemic. In addition to images of Freedia, we used photos of diverse LGBTQ+ young people to create a relatable, human connection. We carried these design characteristics into the Bounce to Zero website, where site visitors can take an interactive pledge to end HIV stigma. 

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