Einstök Beer

Propelling Adventure and Audience Engagement with Einstök

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Boombox and Einstök, an Icelandic craft beer brand, embarked on a mission to capture the attention of adventurous social media users with an unforgettable sweepstakes.

Einstök wanted to both surge its follower count on Facebook and Instagram, while simultaneously garnering at least 15,000 entries. ​The bar was high, but Boombox sprang into action by developing a highly engaging social media sweepstakes: the Icelandic Adventure Six-Pack Getaway.

We created a promotion identity that evoked the natural wonders of Iceland—the cool colors of the Northern Lights and the warmth of a sunrise over a rocky shore—to entice campaign entries. We dispersed weekly doses of creative content including images and GIFs across social channels that directed users to Einstök’s Facebook page for details and entry. We also used the campaign for data collection so the brand could engage participants after the end of the contest.

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Not only did we send a winner and a friend on an unforgettable adventure in Iceland, but we helped Einstök surpass their campaign goals and significantly grow their audience database.

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