Transforming Saks into a Sulwhasoo Skincare Sanctuary

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Skincare brand Sulwhasoo teamed up with Boombox to conjure a branded experience that would dazzle Saks Fifth Avenue. The mission: showcase Sulwhasoo’s unwavering commitment to Saks and entice the retailer to stock their shelves with Sulwhasoo’s skincare wonders.

Simultaneously, they aimed to catapult Sulwhasoo products into the consumer spotlight, sparking purchase desires and igniting a skincare revolution.

Boombox’s experiential marketing experts set to work crafting a unique in-store experience that echoed Sulwhasoo’s brand essence with elegance and grace. We created a 261-square-foot activation space, borrowing design elements from the brand’s global pop-up experience. Orange-frosted acrylic, a sleek metal framework, warm amber lighting, and eye-catching graphical signage transformed the space into a haven of skincare serenity.

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The activation featured a beauty studio, where skincare aficionados dispensed expert advice and pampered guests with Sulwhasoo’s transformative products. Product displays and testers invited hands-on exploration of Sulwhasoo’s skincare arsenal. A counter unit and photo station completed the ambiance, creating a seamless and inviting shopping experience.

To capture the essence of the experience and encourage social sharing, Boombox’s custom photo station was adorned with a backlit wall and translucent spheres. Boombox also designed the UX interface for the photo kiosk, seamlessly capturing guest information, including name, email, date of birth, and skin concerns. The interface cleverly incorporated Sulwhasoo’s Instagram handle, enticing social media follows, and a QR code leading to their website. Each photo was meticulously reviewed before being emailed to the consumer, ensuring a flawless and memorable experience.

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