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Promoting Unapologetic Inclusivity with Visit Sacramento

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Prior to the pandemic, Visit Sacramento identified the LGBTQ+ market as a target for queer-specific meetings and events. We sought to promote the city as a leisure destination to drive LGBTQ+ business and visitation throughout the year, rather than just during Pride month.

This goal was realized with “Unapologetically Queer. Unapologetically Sacramento.” This campaign kicked off in May 2023 and was created to live 12 months per year (with paid media, but also organic promotion). Our campaign posed the simple question of what it means to be unapologetically queer and how Sacramento serves as an incubator for any form of LGBTQ+ expression.

Real LGBTQ+ Sacramentans.

Dozens of real stories.

One unapologetic campaign.

We determined that people are what set Sacramento apart from more top-of-mind California destinations like San Francisco or Los Angeles, rather than specific attractions or services. LGBTQ+ Sacramentans are the ones who make and shape the city’s queer community into a vibrant, robust destination that invites you to not just visit, but to belong.

That’s why every person in our “Unapologetically Queer. Unapologetically Sacramento.” campaign is a real member of the community, defining unapologetic on their own terms: Empowered. Adventurous. Sporty. Creative. United.

With this fresh take on what an LGBTQ+ tourism campaign can or should be, we’re showing that no matter who you are, you’ll find your people in Sacramento.

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