Westport Welding

Forging a Cutting-Edge Brand for Westport Welding

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Westport Welding faced a unique challenge. Though their expertise in welding technology was undeniable, their branding held them back from securing lucrative contracts with larger companies and failed to convey their cutting-edge innovation.

The first step was the logo. Boombox traded out welding imagery for a spectrum of options that captured the company’s dual nature: a firm grounding in traditional craftsmanship paired with a forward-thinking embrace of technological advancement. We created abstract and symbolic designs that subtly referenced welding iconography, all exuding a sense of sophistication and modernity.

Inspired by the vibrant hues of the welding process itself—the electric blues and fiery oranges of molten metal—Boombox established a unique palette that resonated with Westport Welding’s core values.

A stunning refreshed logo and website

We began designing the website and meticulously crafted a digital experience that mirrored Westport’s refined persona. Sleek lines, minimalist layouts, and high-resolution imagery showcased cutting-edge technologies to paint a vivid picture of Westport Welding’s capabilities.

By crafting a brand identity that mirrored the company’s true DNA, Boombox propelled Westport Welding from the forge to the frontier, securing their place as a respected innovator in the welding industry.

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