Media & Production

Bringing brand stories to life with multi-platform media.

Gone are the days when just having something to say was enough. Now, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it and how you show it. Building integrated media campaigns that reach audiences where they’re most active—their TVs, radios, phones, computers, streaming platforms, and more—can expand your message’s reach and drive engagement.

How We Can Help

No matter what kind of media you need to enhance your campaign, our full-service team can bring it to life. From writing and producing podcasts to concepting and directing videos, we’ll own the full life cycle of media development and execution.

Writing & Directing

Every brand has a story, and audiences want to know how your story is unlike any other. Boombox’s dedicated writing team can help you capture your brand’s unique perspective across every aspect of your media campaign, all while collaborating with our production team to maintain consistency and focus.


With so many moving parts to shooting video campaigns—such as casting, location scouting, and crew assembly—you need an experienced production team that eliminates the guess work and maximizes efficiency. Enter Boombox. We’ve built social media video campaigns that drive product sales, and we’ve produced commercial spots that encourage tourism to key DMOs.


Your brand photography becomes the foundation of your website, social media, product listings, ads, and so much more. That’s why who’s behind the lens is just as important as what’s in front of it. Our team’s versatile background in styling, scenic design, and photography all align to produce beautifully curated, eye-catching visuals.

Motion Graphics

Your audience never stops moving, so why should your graphics? From logo stingers to explainer videos, motion can breathe new life into your designs, adding more depth and memorability than static graphics alone. Plus, the interplay of audio and moving visuals can express feelings and information in more digestible and engaging ways.


Podcasts allow brands to talk directly to their audiences, and they can be streamed and seen at home or on-the-go. However, this fast-growing medium is often an untapped source for brands. Boombox can fully produce audio-only and audio-video podcasts in interview, documentary, or fictional styles, helping you to storyboard entire seasons and engage guests to keep your conversations fresh and exciting.