Cause & Diversity Marketing

Telling diverse stories informed by authentic insights

Every audience is different, which means your approach to connecting with diverse audiences should be different, too. Using a mixture of cause marketing and diversity marketing tactics can help your brand reach and inspire your target audience, no matter who they are. Cause marketing seeks to make a positive impact on community or charitable goals (such as public health or sustainability) while diversity marketing is about understanding and representing marginalized populations (such as LGBTQ+ people and people of color).

How We Can Help

At Boombox, cause and diversity marketing aren’t new trends. They are—and have always been—an important focus in our work. We’ve helped countless brands reach priority populations by crafting authentic strategies focusing on topics like HIV awareness, sustainability, employee wellness and development, LGBTQ+ DMO marketing, and more.

Outreach Strategies

How diverse audiences receive and respond to marketing can vary greatly based on factors like age, race, ethnicity, geography, religion, gender, sexual identity, and any other combination of intersectional traits. We do the legwork upfront to understand exactly who your audience is, as well as the factors shaping their marketing behaviors. By doing so, we can tailor our outreach strategies to help you reach your audience with messages that reflect their genuine needs and interests.

Advisory Groups

Before we begin speaking to a particular audience, we believe it’s critical to spend time listening to and immersing ourselves in that community. One tactic for achieving this is forming an advisory group made up of individuals within your population of focus, allowing you to gather firsthand insight into their goals, challenges, preferred methods of communication, and more.

Brand Voice & Content Development

From blogs and newsletters to social media and video campaigns, Boombox’s creative team will help you demonstrate your DEIB commitments with thoughtful, curated content. We handle every step of the development process, including ideation, writing, planning, and execution. Through it all, we’ll make sure you maintain a distinct brand identity while honoring the communication needs and styles of your target audience.

Experiential Activations

The best way to build brand love within your target audience is to spend time with that community. We help brands to identify in-person activation opportunities that allow them to interact directly and authentically with focus populations. That may include Pride activations to demonstrate support of the LGBTQ+ community or a presence at events like Essence Fest to interact with Black and African American audiences. No matter who you want to reach, we’ll make sure you show up in an authentic, inspiring and engaging way.

Cause/CSR Partnerships & Engagement

Is there a cause your brand is passionate about? CSR partnerships connect your brand to organizations aligned with your brand DNA. From education and public health to environmental and humanitarian initiatives, Boombox will find, negotiate and activate partnerships that advance your CSR goals while driving awareness and brand love.