Creative Design & Production

Elevating brands with captivating designs and imaginative storytelling.

Bold and engaging creative elements can captivate audiences and forge powerful relationships. Outdated and generic creative elements can lose credibility and fade into the background. By focusing on details like design and storytelling, brands can make sure they stand out in a crowded and rapidly growing marketplace.

How We Can Help

Our creatives use their multi-disciplinary talents to craft full branding packages, custom illustrations, printed materials, motion graphics, presentations, digital campaigns, content creation, and so much more. We may use a pen. We may use a paintbrush. Whatever tools are in reach, we’ll use them to bring your brand to the next level.

Logo Design

Your logo is central to your brand identity, which is why we put so much thought and care into designing them. We draw visual cues from a brand’s name, services, objectives, tone, and aesthetic to craft logos that are both unique and instantly recognizable. Our logos are also fully responsive, meaning they’re designed to scale across a range of devices and digital platforms without losing quality or legibility.


A strong logo is just the beginning. Your brand identity should also be infused into everything from the colors on your social posts to the fonts on your website. Boombox’s branding experts curate mood boards, style guides, images, and so much more to develop brand identities that stand the test of time.

Campaign Design, Print & Digital

Need a print campaign? We’ll create magazine and newspaper ads, flyers, direct-mail advertisements, and out-of-home media. Need a digital campaign? We’ll design banners, newsletters, microsites, and social media images that engage and inspire your audience. No matter the medium, our materials are designed with your campaign goals in mind.


When your campaign calls for something other than traditional photography, illustration can offer the visual edge you need. Not only that, but experimenting with different illustration styles is also an effective way to evoke a specific tone, attitude, or sentiment. We can help you elevate your campaign’s visual identity with custom animations, drawings, icons, and infographics.


That old adage about sticks and stones got one thing wrong: words can hurt. When it comes to marketing, the words you choose and the ways in which you arrange them can make or break your campaign. Our dedicated copywriters help brands to craft compelling written content including taglines, headlines, website copy, ad scripts, and other text-based materials.