Experiential Marketing

Creating unforgettable experiences that will make your brand shine.

Experiential marketing gives your audience the chance to fully immerse themselves in your brand in ways that aren’t possible with other marketing channels. People can see, touch, feel, smell, and even taste whatever your brand is offering. More than that, the real beauty of experiential is that it isn’t bound by standardized parameters. Your experiences can be whatever you want them to be—because every experience is uniquely you.


How We Can Help

People are always in search of memorable experiences. That’s why Boombox puts ingenuity at the forefront of every experience we craft. We conceive, plan, execute, and measure your marketing experiences to ensure the heart of your brand always shines through and leaves a lasting impression on the people you want to reach.

Sponsorship Activations

Partnering with other brands allows you to support initiatives that align with your goals while granting you access to an expanded audience base. Boombox believes it’s our job, as your sponsorship activation partner, to enhance any sponsorship experience in a way that only your brand can.

Pop-Up Experiences

Whether it’s executed in a transitional retail space, on the streets of a big city, or in public park, Boombox creates bespoke, branded experiences designed to disrupt, engage, and educate the target audience. We offer completely turnkey solutions including design, fabrication, digital extensions, staffing, venue procurement, and permitting for all types of programs, including:

  • Pop-up shops
  • Mobile tours
  • Sampling & street teams
  • Guerilla activations

Trade Shows

Why build a trade show booth when you can build a trade show experience? Boombox believes that how you represent your brand at conferences and tradeshows should not just be utilitarian; instead, your physical footprint should be an extension of your brand, providing a reason to engage both during and after the activation.

PR Events

Boombox works seamlessly with your PR team or PR partner to ideate and execute buzz-worthy events that increase brand awareness, help you launch a new product, or attract the attention of the media and potential customers.

B2C & Hospitality Events

Great experiences aren’t made just for consumers. They can serve as a strategic way to engage with prospective clients and improve relationships with current ones. VIP experiences, receptions, fly-aways and more…Boombox can create, execute, and manage them all.