Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Building buzz and engagement one post at a time.

It’s no secret that social media is a vital aspect of effective marketing. Every online platform is a unique gateway to audiences across the globe. But with so many brands utilizing the same channels, creating content that genuinely reflects people’s needs, interests, and goals is more important than ever. That’s where we come in.

How We Can Help

Our social media and influencer marketing experts transform your brand’s identity and mission into content that demands to be seen, liked, and shared. Whether you have an existing social strategy or need to build a new one, we’ll make sure every post builds excitement and credibility.

Content Creation & Production

Wherever your audience is, your brand should be there, too. We combine scroll-stopping designs and compelling copywriting to craft content that resonates with your target audience across all leading social platforms. That includes photo and video content, as well as blog posts, podcasts, and more.

Strategy & Consumer Targeting

At Boombox, our consumer insight initiatives go beyond basic demographic data to help you understand your audience as real people, not just as numbers. We create custom strategies that are backed by research and stay true to your story and marketing objectives. We begin by analyzing the market and your past online performance before drafting your unique roadmap to success.

Influencer Identification, Procurement & Management

With their existing and active online communities, influencers can help brands connect authentically with their target audiences. We identify influencers who align with your brand, maintain consistent relationships with their followers, and understand how to provide partner-driven value to consumers. We closely analyze audience behaviors from past partnership posts to gain a better understanding of how influencers can help fulfill your campaign’s objectives.

Content Calendar Development

You can have a stockpile of vibrant social media content, but if it doesn’t fit into an organized publishing plan, it won’t positively impact your growth and metrics. That’s why getting your content organized is a top priority for us. We develop a post cadence and content calendar that matches your audience’s online behaviors and directly supports your overall strategy.

Paid Media Planning & Buying

From pre-placement research to bidding, we specialize in developing data-driven media strategies that maximize your brand’s visibility and impact. Our team identifies the most relevant advertising channels for your audience and ensures your budget is optimally allocated for maximum ROI.

Community Management

Nurturing thriving online communities is both an art and a science. Our community management team becomes your brand’s digital vanguard, fostering meaningful audience connections and cultivating a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere where your community can flourish. We listen, engage, and respond with care to turn casual observers into passionate advocates.

Performance Analytics & Optimization

Why stop at data? We transform audience insights into actionable strategies so you can make informed marketing decisions every step of the way. We continuously refine and optimize our approach based on performance metrics, enabling you to track your progress and reach new heights of engagement and success in the digital realm.

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